Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Be A Force of Beauty

Why bareMinerals?
By Miriah Kardelis

The history of bare Minerals is one of inspiration, perseverance and beauty.  When it comes down to it, there are numerous reasons why bareMinerals is good for your skin and your spirit. The products have been tested by dermatologists to support the benefits for the skin.  bareMinerals is safe to use with many skin conditions, and the products can even help heal or clear up certain conditions like rosacea, acne, dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin over time.  bareMinerals is also so healthy and beneficial for your skin that you can even sleep with it on. In addition, bareMinerals has such a natural look that you can use a slightly darker shade of the product without worrying about getting that embarrassing makeup line around your neck.  bareMinerals cosmetics come from the finest natural ingredients, all of which are made from pure minerals.  The main ingredients in bareMinerals products are titanium dioxide, mica, bismuth oxychloride and zinc oxide. Titanium dioxide is one of the 21 different FDA-approved sunscreen ingredients used for skin. It remains on the surface of the skin to help scatter UV light and form a barrier to block harmful rays. Mica is a typical coloring agent used in mineral makeup and helps give your skin a glowing appearance. Bismuth oxychloride is what gives the makeup a pearlized look. Zinc oxide is used to soothe, protect and heal the skin. It is also another barrier used to protect your face from harmful UV rays. Zinc oxide contains an astringent and antiseptic, which makes it beneficial for healthier skin.    
On a more internal note, Bare Escentuals makes a very strong statement about its vision, which is an unconventional view of the retail business...“Love.  Understanding.  Community.  That’s what Bare Escentuals represents.  It’s a trusted source.  It’s the belief that products can actually be good, makeup can be fun, business can be personal and companies behave more like communities.”  A more personal campaign was launched in February 2012.  bareMinerals unveiled the most natural campaign to date, “Be a Force of Beauty.”  The campaign drills home the brand’s statement that “pretty is, beauty does” by finding five women to personify the brand’s ethos.  But what really makes this campaign stand apart is its completely original casting process.  After narrowing down a shortlist of 78 women from the 271 questionnaires they sent out; bareMinerals started their blind casting.  Finding their five forces of beauty involved interviewing them from behind a wall, judging them on their voices and responses, but never once seeing their faces.  And while the finished campaign is both striking and beautiful, all the women have laugh lines, wrinkles and freckles on show; the way nature intended.
“Be a Force of Beauty - What is a Force of Beauty?  We believe that when you feel truly beautiful, you wield enormous confidence, and you have the potential to change a moment, ignite a conversation and start a new adventure… A Force of Beauty is an energy, a strength, a movement”.
This broader brand experience is ultimately as much about peer to peer community as it is about making bareMinerals products, and as much about making women look beautiful as it is about making a positive difference in women’s lives.