Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wanna Go for a Ride?

The Road Trip Issue is en route and scheduled to arrive in June!  Look for another beautiful cover and the story of a Montana Woman who is creating the map to her own success, one road trip at a time.  Our talented contributors will take you with them as they share their insight about journeys that involve rafting, mountain biking, hiking, navigating spiritual and personal quests, and provide a few tips and anecdotes about what to do, or what NOT to do, on your adventures.  

Every day in the Montana Woman office is a trip in and of itself.  We keep our compass handy, knowing that we'll occasionally run into a fork in the road, but this is a woman's magazine after all, so we're never lost for long!  We are constantly intrigued, excited and eager to explore the road less traveled, revealing the beauty and inspiration that awaits in the most unexpected places.

If you're ready for a getaway, simply open the cover of Montana Woman.  We'll take you a journey and have you back before bedtime.

Bon Voyage!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet....

I am excited to share the second issue in the 2013 Montana Woman Collector Series with you.  I have dreamed about this issue for the past two years.  This issue is full of fashion geared (no pun intended!) for all ages of Montana women who are willing to embrace the exploration of unusual fashion. 

Steampunk has intrigued me from the very first time I saw it in 2008.  Steampunk is a loose term used to describe an extraordinary fashion trend.  By remixing styles from the Victorian era, the Wild West, classic Goth, gypsy, aviation, and industrial fetish, steampunk fashion creates a unique and beautifully disturbing look. 

The May issue explores many venues of fashion – not just clothing.  The pages are overflowing with fashion for the home, food fashion, jewelry fashion, shoe fashion, pet fashion and much, much more!  Prepare yourself to be inspired by color, images, articles, and many amazing Montana women.

In addition to our bold expressions of fashion, you will notice a new look and layout for this issue.  The man responsible is Rick Anderson, and he has totally rocked the May issue.  Rick joined the Montana Woman family in February and brings over 25 years of professional experience to the team.  Stemming from a background in design and advertising, he has worked with print campaigns, the Web, magazines, photography, and package design.  Rick graduated from Flathead High School and moved west to earn his degree in graphic design, where he honed his craft with various companies as a designer and a creative director.  He began freelancing in 2000 and was drawn back to Montana to enjoy the culture and great outdoors. 

I want to thank the entire Montana Woman family for helping bring my dream to fruition.  I am blessed to be surrounded by an amazingly talented team of people who embraced my vision.  It has been a bit of a challenge pulling this off in less than 30 days, but that is just one of the joys of being the only monthly publication in the state.   Deadlines, limited time and a unique concept are often the magical ingredients necessary to create greatness. 

As you flip the pages of our Fashion Issue, please take note of all the talented artists involved in the creative product you are holding.  Montana is blessed with people who are willing to think outside the box while helping others achieve their dreams.  Some may say this issue is a bit edgy.  I agree.  I like edgy.

Grab a cold drink, make yourself comfortable, and take your time with the May issue of Montana Woman Magazine.  Rest assured that we have many more surprises in store for you in 2013!  In closing I would like to leave you with the words of Bachman Turner Overdrive.

You ain't seen nothin' yet
B-B-B-Baby, you just ain't seen nothin' yet
Here's something that you never gonna forget
B-B-B-Baby, you just ain't seen nothin' yet

Take Care,