Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Fun and Fashion, Montana Woman Style!

We were lucky to have a beautiful, fair weather afternoon last weekend for a Montana Woman fashion shoot!  With Flathead Lake Lodge providing the gorgeous background, we had the for makings a fun day and beautiful fashion spread.

It took no less than 15 people to put it all together: hair, makeup, specialty makeup, client, talent, photography, art department and set runner working together to make it happen.   It appeared to be quite the production to curious onlookers - and it was.  The photographer declares, "It's a wrap!" and the 14 of us disperse across the grounds, headed for wardrobe or the next location, grabbing gear, discussing logistics, touching up hair and makeup, awaiting direction or throwing out ideas.

Despite the fact that a couple of our crew were quite ill, the energy level was enthusiastic. The perfect temperature, a mild wind, the vivid hues of summer and fall merging, the beauty of Flathead Lake and a great group of people to work with created an atmosphere that kept us all smiling.

Kudos to the models - Montana women who worked so well taking direction from several people, "working It" for the camera and helping to create stunning images for our client's layout.  

We couldn't do any of it without the talent of our dedicated hair and make-up professionals, Gary Burton and Miriah Kardelis.

Keep your eyes out for the November issue to see the results of this beautiful fall afternoon fashion spread!