Monday, June 4, 2012

The Summer Issue

Our June cover gal is beautiful Jamie Lynn who shares with us all a struggle that so many of us can relate to: getting healthy and adapting to a lifestyle that enables her to remain that way. Not just physical health but the role of emotional well-being that is so important in learning to really care for yourself. Her story is one that involves continuous change and personal growth; she shows us that it isn't about achieving a goal and then resting easy. Not only does she challenge herself and continue to expand the roles that she plays in her life, but shares her knowledge and helps people who find themselves wanting to achieve better health and fitness as well. We think that Jamie Lynn is a stellar example of a true Montana Woman. If enjoying the sun but salvaging your skin is of interest to you this summer, we've got you covered! Find protective clothing, beautiful sunless tan products and other tips throughout the June issue. Jean Pinski gives us a glimpse of Phillipsburg, MT and the The Broadway Hotel on page 26. If you haven't visited Phillispburg yet, this article will give you good reason! In our History Lesson, read about the beautiful "Queen of Hollywood" Myrna Loy. You can also view an interview with her on your iPad by downloading our interactive digital edition. And if you thought one-room school houses were a thing of the past, you'll be delighted to read Doug Waldron's Snapshots of Life column on page 32. Our summer issue will be on stands and online today! Happy reading!