Monday, April 30, 2012

5th Annual Women's Fair

Missoula held its 5th annual Women’s Fair sponsored by Marketplace Media, Curves, ABC Montana, Montana Radio Company and Accents this year at the University Ball Room. It began as a simple idea, to create an event that women of all ages and backgrounds would want to attend while promoting awareness in the community. Having women of all ages was important to Linda and Megan, because Linda is Megan’s mother - they literally represent women from different age demographics. It was important to them to be able to drive awareness in the community for different non- profit groups. “Helping drive awareness in our community is our responsibility, community tithing so to speak. Giving back to the people who have supported us, this is just one ways that we can help our community”. This year’s spectacular event supported Word, Women’s Opportunity & Resource Development, and The Parenting Place. The women of Marketplace Media did just that in a fabulous kind of way. With entertainment changing every 15 minutes the audience was sure to be surprised whenever they looked up at the stage. Curves shared their Zumba Performance. These girls rocked out to great music and made everybody in the audience exclaim that they could do that! Apricot Lane hosted a stylish fashion show; the clothing lines were stunning, fun and beautiful. Streaky Sid from Spectrum Window Cleaning informed the crowd on how to perfect their window spring-cleaning technique. Local vocalist, Marie Wolverton from Sentinel High School entertained with her guitar and heartfelt songs. This year marked Embody Dance Troupe’s 3rd year in a row performing at the Women’s Fair. They performed a variety of belly dancing moves, techniques and styles showing their audience you do not need to fit in a perfect box to be able to belly dance. Center of Performing Arts – Curtains Up!- boasted girls from ages 8-18 performing song and dance. These extremely talented girls performed dance routines including ballet, tap and jazz. One of the highlights of the event was award winning belly dancer, teacher and performer Kelli Marie Neumayer who specializes in Middle Eastern Dance. The crowd roared with applause in appreciation for her talent and dance skill. There were over a thousand people visiting approximately 50 booths at the Women’s Fair. All donations were to benefit Word and The Parenting Place. Megan of Marketplace Media reports, “There was an air of excitement in the ball room, the energy was high and the performances were amazing. It was such as successful event; we had an excellent turn out. The support of community businesses; donating gift baskets, raffle items, time, energy and money is what makes this event a success every year.” Next year the Women’s Fair will be held on March 23rd. If there is a non-profit group that would like to be considered for sponsorship simply apply on-line at In the past the Women’s Fair has supported nonprofit organizations such as: The Girls Way, Missoula Aging Services, Dan Fox Foster Care Program, Ronald McDonald House, YWCA, Jadyn Fred Foundation, Partnership for Children, Relay for Life and Mountain Home. See you next year at the Women’s Fair!


This is the time of year when most people are anticipating some type of event that they're looking forward to. Whether it's the last day of school, graduation, a wedding, vacation or any number of activities that take place in the spring or summer, by now we're looking at our calendar's thinking, "I can't wait!" Our May issue is chalk-full of fun articles to prepare us for our summer social season. Warning: You may actually drool over our Fashion Trendcast column for May. Complete with fashion advice and current trends, of course, the photo layout is stunning. Also, look for tips on how to prepare a fabulous brunch for Mother's Day (or any occasion)in the Taste This! column by Suzanne Faubert. If you're wanting to look and feel your best, you'll find some wonderful ideas in In The Know by Lindsey N. Barrett. Also, Emily Myers gives up-to-date makeup tips and Robin Schaefer gives us yet another fun way to get, or stay in shape so you can rock that summer dress! Finally, the May cover gal has quite a story to tell. After reading it, you may find yourself seeking a fun night out at a local bar!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Ahead!

Spring ahead… warning or advice? Given our very strange winter and having already experienced many spring-like days that make us want to get started on those spring projects, will we only be shut down when winter returns? Don’t get me wrong; I will never complain about the more-than-usual sunshine that we’ve had this year. I just feel like I’m starting from farther behind than usual. By the time we set our clocks ahead an hour on March 11, will I have already flipped my mattress and checked all the batteries in my smoke detectors? You bet! I had all those lovely days in February with so much sunshine I ached to get out to work on my outdoor projects but it was still too cold. And besides, I’ve never been one to enjoy mud, so it’s been indoor projects for me. On the plus side, I’ve had more time for Spring Cleaning. Doesn’t mean I’ve done it, just means I’ve had more time. So what have I been doing? Well, I’ve watched a lot of HGTV to get ideas for around my place. I’m getting amped up to start my interior paint projects. There is a lot of inspiration on those shows. And a big huge bunch of my time has been spent on my most recent addiction (thanks, Leanne!), perusing This is a website where you can create your own vision or project board and interact with other like-minded individuals while sharing great ideas you find. I’m not the most tech-oriented gal so creating an electronic project board is beyond my scope but I have gotten a TON of ideas, some of which I will be sharing in future editions. You will just have to come back each month to see what I have found for you. And if there is anything you’d like to share with me, just send it to Happy spring!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ask Penelope


Dear Penelope,
I have a friend who always interrupts me. She then turns the conversation back to topics about herself. Not only is it frustrating, it is RUDE. How do I fix this problem without having to find a new friend?
~ It’s not all about her.

Dear It’s not all about her,
Boy oh boy, how did someone like this ever become your friend? Do you like the abuse or are you on some righteous path to beat out Sister Teresa? Clearly, people like this are very difficult to deal with, but they must learn their place. No one, and I mean no one, wants to listen to another person carry on about themselves until the cows come home. And when I tell you, honey, even the cows won’t be comin’ home if that’s what they have to look forward to, I mean it! Tell this person how you feel. If she truly is your friend and values you as a person, she will listen and understand and, heck, she may even apologize. But if she turns things around and tells you what a rude person you are and a horrible friend, then kick her to the curb and move on. Everyone needs to vent a little as we like to get a little attention now and again, but there is no room on the homestead for a narcissist. Sometimes we need to help them along to acknowledge the corn.
Good luck, my dear and happy hunting!
~ Penelope

Penelope and her seven dogs enjoy the life of a ranch woman along Montana’s Hi-Line. Several ranch hands (which might explain her having had six husbands at the tender age of 40-something, but doesn’t look a day over 36!), a housekeeper and a cook allow Penelope the time to devote to helping others with their problems. Her free time is spent at the spa, vacationing around the world, and managing the ranch hands. She has never had the urge to have children―as that would truly interfere with her “all about me” lifestyle. We encourage you to write in questions that you need answered. Penelope may shock you from time to time, but she will always find your answer!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Something to Look Forward To

"Most people associate the Netherlands with cheese, clocks, tulips and windmills...."

Jose Munter Frank was on the cover of our November, 2011 issue. She hails from the village, Kats, in the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands. The article chronicals her life growing up, how she came to live in the U.S. and open her own insurance agency here in Montana. You can find this article on It's definitely worth a read - her life has been quite an adventure so far.

In the April issue, Jose again intrigues us (on page 32 in the Facing the Odds column) with lesser-known but remarkable facts about the Netherlands, or Holland, as we often hear it called, as well. Jose invites you to email her at with any questions you may have about the Netherlands, as she will be writing a series of articles over the next few months, covering topics such as religion, politics and "the typical Dutch directness to prostitution and drugs."

I will admit, cute little wooden shoes certainly pop up in my mind when I hear the word "Holland." Jose has held my interest very well so far and I'm eagerly anticipating the next few installments of Facing the Odds and learning more - I hope you'll join me!