Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Montana Woman New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution: Resolution
By: Sarah Griffith

“So Sarah, whattya think your New Year’s resolution’s gonna be?” asked my friend, who had obviously been thinking of nothing else. Umm, what? Honestly, the thought of creating a new, probably unnecessary task made my cortisol levels go all orange alert. A New Year’s resolution? To be really honest, I had barely even noticed it was December.

I was stumped. Well, let’s see, I suppose I could always go with the old stand-bys: lose weight, sign up for some new class, spend more time with family… oh right, the same resolutions that I make every single year. It seems like we all tend to make these grandiose plans for starting this promising new year off right, when in all reality the only way we start it is hungover as all hell.

Making New Year’s resolutions is so ridiculous. The holiday is just a holiday, it does not transform the next 365 days into fascinating little portals wherein you may drop 15 pounds, become an excellent cook, or be the best friend/mother/sister ever instantly. Sorry, team.

Instead of making a new resolution, I vote we resolve to have more resolution. Tie up loose ends, wipe the slate clean, finish what we started, and whatever other relevant cliché phrase suits your fancy. To me, the best resolution is deciding to start the new year fresh and clear of any unrealistic, vague, half-hearted wishful thinking. Just focus on the things you still need to get done that have accumulated throughout this year.

Then, once you’ve finally wrapped up most of your unfinished business, make a list of the goals that really are important to you. Make them realistic, be very specific, and set mini ‘check-in’ dates so you can experience little successes to spur you on. After all, how many “awesome ideas” have you had or great decisions have you made in the middle of the night, with people shouting around you, cocktail in hand? That’s what I thought. So, trust me, goals are a good thing, but resolutions are nothing of the sort. Indulge, have fun, be safe, and then identify and get serious about the things you really want to change- at any time of the year.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Issue of Montana Woman Magazine

December issue is on the stands. Check it rocks.
The November issue is on the website:
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