Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes from Montana Woman

Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with joy, peace and abundant laughter. May your blessings be to numerous to count! God bless you all.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Montana Woman Treasures - Hollis McCartney

Montana Treasures




by Cindy Branch


Hollis McCartney has recently moved her business, Hands on Studio, to a new home in Amore╩╣ Salon and Spa located in Kalispell, Montana.  Hollis is a permanent makeup artist who for the past eight years has enjoyed helping women look their best. 

     Hollis explains that permanent makeup is also known as cosmetic tattooing.  It is a method of applying pigment into the dermal (second) layer of the skin.  This technique has been medically developed and specifically designed for safe application.  Cosmetic tattooing is most frequently done for adding color to eyebrows, as eyeliner, and for full lip color.  Hollis is enthusiastic about her profession and working with women to enhance their beauty.  “Permanent makeup artistically applied will enhance natural features, and restore what time has washed away.”

     Hollis, who has a background in nursing and art, also shares, “Some of my most rewarding work has been with cancer patients.  For patients who have lost facial hair (eyebrows and eyelashes) I have achieved natural looking results with eyelash extensions and eyebrow impigmentation.  In addition, I have done areola restorations, post mastectomy reconstruction, and scar camouflage.  I have had patients come to visit me after they have had mastectomies or breast reduction surgery.  There are several different procedures (depending upon the surgery and reconstruction) that can restore color and camouflage scars.  This ensures that the end result is as natural as possible, helping each woman gain confidence as she adjusts to the change in her body.” 

     For women who have undergone mastectomies or other breast surgery, this re-pigmentation procedure is nothing less than a miracle.  “It is a way to restore the natural beauty of  patients’ breasts and helps them regain confidence in their femininity.”  For many breast cancer survivors, the recovery process can be an uphill battle.  After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, some women choose to have breast reconstruction surgery.  The areola restoration procedure is performed in the final stage of a complete breast reconstruction.  The main advantage is that it is a relatively quick and simple outpatient procedure that requires no more than a topical anesthetic, and does not create an additional scar.  In fact, the procedure can also be used to camouflage the color and even soften the texture of existing scars left behind after the initial breast reconstructive surgery.

     For those who did not have nipple reconstruction after their primary breast reconstruction, the appearance of the nipple itself may be recreated using only tattooing.  Hollis can create a most realistic looking and 3-dimensional appearance of a nipple and areola. 

     Hollis helps patients choose colors that complement their skin tones and/or match the remaining nipple.  Achieving the perfect shades may require more than one visit, and as with any tattoo, the pigment will fade in time, necessitating an occasional return visit for a color refresh.

     Hollis is physician referred and is a member of SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals).  Locally, Hollis works on a referral basis with Dr. Brentley Buchele of Buchele Plastic Surgery Kalispell.  Dianne of Dr. Buchele’s office says, “Our patients report to us that Hollis has provided them with outstanding results.” 

     Hollis stresses that all consultations are complimentary.  “I want to know that the potential client is comfortable with me and knows what to expect.  I have a ‘less is more’ approach to cosmetic tattooing.  My personal style is a natural, understated approach.  During the consultation the client’s expectations will be discussed and with  clear communication she will know how the end result will look.”   

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