Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday From A Montana Woman




Happy Birthday, Glacier Park

by Suzanne McAllister

Dreaming quest, sacred places

Indian dance, noble faces

Sparkling water reflects light

Lacy ferns, dew drop bright

Dainty bear grass grips the land

Aspens humbled by cedar stand

Bitterroot, ever lady quiet

Indian paint brush, color riot

Majestic mountains, snowy peaks

Tiny rivulets, glacier leaks

Sentinel pines, strong and tall

Osprey nest where eagles call

Scent of nature, surrounding girth

Pine and cedar, rich damp earth

Flashing fish, lakes pure and deep

Cozy caves where grizzlies sleep

Leaping goats from rim to ledge

Darting bees from flower to hedge

Chirping chipmunks beg for corn

Kingly rams with curling horn

Rigid white tail, wolves attack

Whistling elk, proud antler rack

All of this is Glacier Park

She feeds our spirit and quickens the heart.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Montana Woman Magazine - Editor's Note Sept. 2010

From the Editor


Where, oh where, has this summer gone?  As I write my editorial, I cannot believe Labor Day is just weeks away.  On the brighter side, autumn is just around the corner with its  slower pace, beautiful colors and fresh crisp air that heralds the changing of the season.  September also brings to mind students returning to school.  For some it is a happy occasion, and for some of the younger set reluctant to trade the Slip-n-Slide for pencils and books, well, let’s just say that joy doesn’t consume their hearts.

     The Montana Woman Foundation has once again awarded scholarships to help three amazing women eager to pursue their dreams of a higher education.  Our 2010 scholarship winners are Leigha Hopkins of Billings, Joey Giacomo of Kalispell and Erica Mannix of Helmville.  Leigha is a junior at Carroll College studying nursing, specializing in pediatrics.  Joey is currently attending Flathead Valley Community College working towards a degree as a certified surgical technician.  Erica is part of the Environmental Science-Biology program at Carroll College (junior year).  All three are active in their schools, communities and volunteer activities.  They all also share a strong desire to use their education to help build strong Montana communities.

     The Foundation has even more exciting news to share.  It has been chosen as one of three recipients for the Women’s Expo being held November 13, 2010, at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.  Teens ‘N Crisis and the Violence Free Crisis Line will also be receiving proceeds raised from this wonderful event.  A networking group named Biz to Biz Network is the chief organizer of the expo.  The focus of Biz to Biz is that of promoting small business owners and professionals while being a positive part of the community.  This is the second year the organization has hosted the Expo and once again plans to bring together a diverse ensemble of local businesses to encourage networking while helping nonprofits in need.

     The event this year is being promoted as a “Girls’ Day Out”.  It is sure to be a big hit with a new floor plan, live entertainment featuring Andre Floyd, as well as a live service auction to drive more funds to the nonprofits.  Some things that have not changed from last year’s agenda are the live fashion show and the many fun, interactive booths.  Last year the Expo was a huge success and Biz to Biz members were able to present  $5,000 checks to the Violence Free Crisis Line and the Abbie Shelter.  If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor, donating services, or attending the event call 877-224-9224 or email events@biztobizinc.com.

     I hope you will be able to attend this wonderful Girls’ Day Out celebration.  What a great way to have fun and support you community.  Montana Woman Magazine will have a booth at the Expo.  We hope you will stop by and say, “Hi,” while you are visiting this exciting event.

     As summer gently moves towards fall, I also hope that each of you will take time to enjoy our beautiful Montana landscapes with family and friends.  Hopefully, we will all be able to put the fast pace of the hectic summer months on hold and take a deep breath of fresh Montana air.  Take a moment to just breathe….